The tradition of playing with wooden blocks, A pinch of child observation, Unique Kooglo Bricks

Life is ruled by coincidences, tangles of events and.... kids

And they inspire better than many fantastic and terribly expensive creative thinking courses. And when you add to it observational skills and willingness to watch children play, ideas fall by themselves almost from heaven.

With three kids, among whom the male sex dominates, the profession of a builder, construction manager or architect is very important, repeatedly discussed and put into practice by means of all building blocks available on the market.

And so it was born from the observation of fun, the idea of blocks, which will combine tradition with an innovative approach to a toy that has been loved for centuries by children - wooden blocks.

We supplemented them with subtle magnets that ensure no building will be destroyed. What's more, magnets allow you to combine blocks in completely new ways. How? The kids will find them easily! And if you are looking for some inspiration - take a look at the gallery!!